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Tunisia Phosphate Green PSP Program – E&S / Climate Support


The International Finance Corporation (IFC) has been mandated by the Government of Tunisia to support with the preparation and delivery of its green program for the phosphate sector. The program includes: (i) a slurry pipeline to transport phosphate from the mining basin to the washing plants, (ii) a 100,000 m3/day desalination plant and (iii) a solar plant to power both the slurry pipeline and the desalination plant (“the Project”).


IFC seeks to hire an experienced Environmental and Social Consultant. The study aims at informing IFC and its Client of the E&S issues affecting the Project, with reference to the IFC’s Performance Standards, the WBG EHS Guidelines, and GIIP in order to support the development of the Project in compliance with these requirements. The assignment also includes conducting a climate assessment to inform IFC and the Client of major climate related risks.




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